Data Protection at Lempinen & Partners

We value privacy of our customers, employees and partners. Here is a summary of how we protect privacy.

We process personal data in order to execute, maintain and develop our services and to manage our services. Processing personal data is needed for example when marketing or delivering services. Different services require different kind of personal data. Based on the personal data we can provide better services for you.

We process for example your contact information such as email address and phone number in order to ensure that we can contact you when necessary.

We continuously ensure that we have required security measures in place to protect personal data. Measures include for example antivirus and firewall software as well as training employees to manage personal data.

Our SaaS partners such as Microsoft has access to some personal data in order for us to be able to use supporting services such as office365 to deliver the our services for you. Some of the personal data may be processed outside European union by our subcontractors such as Microsoft.

We process the information as long as it is needed to provide our services for you. Preservation time depends on the service.

You may request information about the personal data by sending email to You may also use the form to ask more information about our policies in terms of processing personal data.