IAM application for ServiceNow

Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in a corporation have the appropriate access to technology resources.  Having this done correctly you can save costs, enhance your security, enable employees to be more efficient and happier as well as help you pass audits related to identities and accesses.

IAM Application will bring you the right technology to force your policies in easy and efficient manner to your whole organization.  IAM Application automates IAM lifecycle from request of the access rights to verification, creation, monitoring to removal of it.

IAM Application enables your users to request all access rights from ServiceNow’s own easy-to-use service portal (that is used also for ordering laptop and other tools of work life) and you should no longer need email or other legacy solutions for handling access requests. Users and managers can order either indefinite or temporary access and deprovision unnecessary access when those are no longer needed.

In Europe and companies working in European market, GDPR is forcing companies to protect individuals Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”).  IAM Application will provide you with information of which system holds individual’s information and who has access to it.  For internal or external audit purposes you can create reports using ServiceNow’s own reporting engine to gain necessary information of identities and accesses in different systems as well as information who has had the access to the systems.  IAM Application makes it easy for managers as well as security department to compare access rights to individuals as well as track login times for users not actually using the system and when access is no longer necessary IAM Application will manage removal of access rights and inactivation of identities from the user.

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