Start Server Patching from CMDB with one click!

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In IT Service Management there are often needs to update servers, but executing updates are ineffective due to bureaucracy and utilization of multiple tools. Requirements for server updates are identified for example during CMDB audits, incident investigation and vulnerability management. We implemented a one-click solution for a customer to execute server updates from CMDB. This articles describes how it can be achieved.

Ensure that CMDB data is accurate to enable automation

This can be achieved by:

  1. Verify from server when and what updates have been completed for it (with ServiceNow Discovery product)
  2. Store the information retrieved from the server to the CMDB’s CI card (with ServiceNow Discovery product)



Lanching the update process from CMDB

When the CMDB data is accurate, the update can be launched from the CI card based on the maintenance breaks or outside the maintenance breaks as urgent change by clicking “Scheduled Patching” or “Start Patching” button (see the picture below).

Technically following activities are executed:

  1. IP address is read from the CI card
  2. Server updates are provisioned to the server (by ServiceNow Orchestration)
  3. Update information is stored for the CI card


We utilized in this customer implementation ServiceNow products (ITSM, Discovery and Orchestration).


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