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We a ServiceNow services, sales and technology partner. ServiceNow has ranked us as a Premier Partner, thanks to our excellent track record in implementations and maintenance services.

We implement service management processes for our clients to support client’s business models and processes. The assignments include the following types of projects:

  • Implementation of a single service process (such as incident, change, project portfolio, release) including a process specification, technical ServiceNow specification, as well as ServiceNow system configuration to support the customer’s process.
  • The system implementation project including process and system configuration documentation, system configuration, integration with third systems and system training to the customer.

We provide system maintenance service, including service requests and error handling, version upgrades, plugin activations and other maintenance tasks.

We train our clients to use ServiceNow and to develop the system. For example, we train administrators and end-users to understand how ServiceNow is used, maintained and developed.

We offer ServiceNow licenses at very competitive prices. The pricing of licenses is based on volume.

Automation service covers ServiceNow system integration with third party systems. We have built integrations with LDAPS, SSO, SOAP, REST, Discovery, Orchestration and SMS technologies.

We help our customers improve ServiceNow system’s technical performance based on the best practices of ServiceNow.

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