Resourcing Services

In co-operation with the customer we will find the most satisfactory solution for the customer’s resourcing. With Lempinen Partners’ business units, as well as with our partner network we bring available qualified expert resources for the customer’s diverse needs.


Traveller -service option is based on the work under customer’s control, in which we enter into the resource rental agreement under which customer is obliged for supervise the experts. Available resources can be a Lempinen & Partners’s own experts or resources supplied from our partner network.


In Team -service option we provide resources to projects where Lempinen & Partners’ Finnish Senior Specialist acts as the team leader. The rest of delivery team may consist of the Lempinen & Partners Finnish experts and/or resources supplied from our partner network. When seeking to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness, our Indian senior resources will be available to participate to delivery team. In this service option Project management will be carried out by the customer.



In Ease -service option we enter into turnkey contract with Customer. Team -service option will be added with our qualified project managers. Delivery resources are Lempinen & Partners’s own employees and when necessary our team will be complemented by external resources.

We provide resource services for development and maintenance services in IT Service Management (ITSM), Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud services (Microsoft Azure, SharePoint) and IT Services. Customer will also find relief for seasonal resource shortages e.g. in user support and workstation services.



Helpmate -service option will be in place when customer finds a suitable employee, but the customer need is to have a short seasonal contract. Lempinen & partners enters into an employment contract with the employee and will respond payroll process including all additional expenses. Customer’s responsibility is to check and accept employee’s hourly report from our hour reporting system which will be also acceptance to submit invoice to Customer. After accepted hourly report will be proceeded employee’s salary payment. In Helpmate -service option the Customer will be responsible for supervising employees.


Broker -service option will help our customers find various channel to fulfill needs in development and maintenance in different management services. We negotiate and enter into contracts with subcontractor for customer and fit multiple smaller solutions under one frame contract between Lempinen Consulting and Customer. Customer will save lot of effort when linking needed resources to productivity.

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